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Simple techniques to take great profile photos and classic b/w headshots with a basic point-and-shoot camera.

1. No direct flash. That photographic technique is strictly to be used by the DMV. What you want to do is to bounce the flash off of a nearby white or neutral-colored surface. Scotch tape a small piece of aluminum foil just below the flash to redirect the light toward the ceiling. This will create a softer and more forgiving lighting effect.

2. Separation of Subject From Background. Create visual distinction between the subject and background (i.e. the subject is in focus while the background is blurry). Stand as far in front of the background as possible. If the light level allows for it, hold a pair of polarized sunglasses over the camera lens to force the iris open. Larger iris = blurrier backgrounds. Another way to achieve separation is to get far from your subject and zoom in fully, frame your shot. This will make the background as blurry as possible.

3. Coming soon...