websites for attorneys

How does it work? These are full-fledged web designs for lawyers and attorneys that can be customized for your law firm. Find out more...

So how does it all work?

Will my site be magically ready to go live after download? Well, no, but it's not rocket science, either. Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of Dreamweaver and uploading procedures can do this. Best to hire a local contractor (contact your local Internet Service Provider - they need the work!) and let them take care of it.

See, the best part of this is the fact that the internet is OVERRUN with web developers, but not all of them can make a good looking, effective web site. But many of them are gearheads who can implement a professional site with no problems.

First thing is to have a qualified web developer available. This can be yourself, your precocious neice, basically anyone with a basic knowledge of HTML editors such as Dreamweaver, ColdFusion, or EasyHTML.

More info is coming soon, but basically our FAQ section and Resources section will give you all the information you need to get this to happen. Wil your site be online tonight? Depends on your knowledge/comfort level.

Why can't I just publish the site right now? These sites are not vanilla, cookie cutter templates that serve 10 million clients. They are custom-designed, dreamweaver friendly sites that will take a bit of tweaking to get working properly on your server. No problem, boys and girls - let's get started!